Ronald J. Riley
Inventor & Entrepreneur, Author, Journalist, Activist, Farmer, Carpenter, Mason, Plumber, Electrician, Mechanic, Heavy Equipment Operator, Engineer, and Advocate For Justice

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Jerome H. Lemelson, a good friend, and the greatest inventor of our times, passed away 10-1-97.

Bob Kearns, Another friend & auto industry's worst nightmareBob passed away in February 2005 after having been institutionalized for a few years with Alzheimer's.

Gertrude Elion, A fine person, friend and role model.

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Ronald J. Riley is president of Riley Consulting, Inc., Riley & Associates, Inc. (licenses his intellectual property), and Riley Enterprises, Inc., all Grand Blanc, Michigan based corporations and is an inventor who specializes in industrial controls and product development but also has patents in process in diverse areas such as foot wear, telecommunications, exercise equipment, biotechnology, and numerous other consumer products. He currently has five patents granted related to automated industrial monorails and two patents granted related to treadmills.   

Ronald J. Riley is recognized both in the United States and internationally for his business, political, and public service contributions.  He is listed in a number of Marquis Who's Who publications.

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Ronald J. Riley has received many awards for his service in a variety of companies during his professional career and for community service.  Some of the awards are detailed at Site Awards on the website of InventorEd, Inc.  

Service to the Inventor Community

Ronald founded the Professional Inventors Alliance (PIA) in 1993 to help inventors who faced difficulties with infringement of their patents to share information and network with other inventors facing similar problems.

In 1995 Ronald was one of the key organizers of The Alliance for American Innovation.  The Alliance was based in Washington, DC lobbying Congress on behalf of independent inventors until the passage of the American Inventors Protect Act of 1999 was enacted and then disbanded in 2002.  Ronald was the President of the Advisory Board of the Alliance during that time, spending from four to eight weeks a year in Washington, DC.   

At the beginning of April 2005 Ronald reincorporated The Alliance for American Innovation, LLC. in response to a new initiative by companies to legislate so called "Patent Reform" calling for changes to the patent system which would hurt the prospects of inventor-entrepreneurs.

He continues to consult with members of Congress to improve the success rate of American inventors and is a leader in fighting invention promotion fraud in North America and internationally.  Two documents listing some of the key players are posted here.

He founded InventorEd, Inc. in 1995 to help aspiring inventors succeed commercially.  Unlike most inventor organizations we focus heavily on the entrepreneurial aspects of inventing.  InventorEd became an IRS approved 501(c)3 nonprofit in 1998.  InventorEd averages between 50,000 and 100,000 page views a month and services people in nearly eighty countries.  In addition to resources directed towards adult inventors, InventorEd has an extensive children's section at  InventorEd is actively seeking alliances with business interests who have common goals.

Professional Affiliations

InventorEd, Inc, Founder & Exec. Dir. The Alliance for American Innovation, LLC
Professional Inventors Alliance (PIA), President Investigative Reporters & Editors, Inc.
Alliance for American Innovation, Inc. 
Former Advisory Board President
BEWARE: AAI's web site was hijacked.
Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Senior Member
American Society of Inventors, Member National Space Society, Member
A. C. Gilbert's Discovery Village, The National Toy Hall of Fame, Former Member of The National Selection Committee American Association for the Advancement of Science, Member
Intellectual Property Creators, Member and formerly served on the advisory board. Planetary Society, Member

Selected Articles

Offer to Serve as Media Resource
How I Learned to become a successful inventor, history was the key
Acquiring & Defending Patents
Patent Legislation, Multinationals & Japan Would Cripple American Patent System
Mandatory Assignment Of Inventions Harms America

Ronald J. Riley's Patents

Automated Electrified Monorail Control Systems

Dual Contacts On Voltage Rail, 4,892,980
Conveyor Control Through Binary Coding, 4,919,057
Software Zoning Of Conveyor Control, 4,924,164
Conveyor Control, 4,984,521
Conveyor Safety Assembly 5,503,260

Electric Drive Treadmills

Treadmill Adaptive Speed Control, 5,707,319
Treadmill Control, 5,820,525

Many other patents are pending in consumer products, telecommunications, and biotechnology.

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