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I am sorry to report that AAI's web site has been hijacked by Network Solutions, and then sold to a Russian who has posted porn to the site at  He is willing to sell the domain back to AAI for an exorbitant amount of money.  AAI has no plans to ransom the site back.

I discovered the problem in late November 2001.  AAI's URL was present on many inventor web sites, so I sent notices (hundreds) out to those web sites, and then edited all the web sites I control to remove the AAI link.  I believe that I have now removed all those links.

Unfortunately, links which are on newsgroups and list servers cannot be removed.

As webmaster (pro bono) for the AAI web site, I tried to transfer the registration from Network Solutions to another registrar.  Network Solutions repeatedly refused to transfer the site.  They then took the domain name without notice, and never released it so that I could register it with the new registrar.

The original web site is archived HERE.  The server this is on is quite busy, and the connection may time out.  If this happens please wait awhile and try again.

Please note that going to the actual AAI web site URL will bring up very offensive pornographic material, and that it will take control of your browser, displaying repeated new pages of such material when you use either the back button or attempt to close the page.  For this reason I have disabled the link to the Russian site above.

Recommended actions:

First, I urge that no one  use Network Solutions or any of their affiliated companies.  This company has a long history of terrible service, a serious attitude problem, and a pattern of abuse of their position.  This is really no burden, since many other registrars have better service and prices anyway.  See

Second, as an activist who supports the First Amendment - even for those who sell pornographic material, I do not believe we should try to ban porn completely.  But we do need to stop those who promote such material from using trickery to bring people to their web sites.  We must protect children from such exposure.

I believe that web domain rules need to be changed to prevent this.  Specifically I suggest that a high level domain of "xxx" should be created and that all pornographic material should be moved to that domain.  Then pornographic material should be banished from all other domains.

The beauty of having a "xxx" top domain is that it would be very easy filter those domains on any computer which children have access.  In fact, we could even go a step further and require those who want access to the "xxx" domain register for such access and use a screen name and password to enter the sites hosted on the "xxx" system.

Furthermore, I suggest that anyone who violates the rules be banned from owning any internet domain name in either their name or a company name for at least five years.

I ask all inventor activists who are lobbying Congress to write letters and mention this issue to all legislative aids whom you talk to.

Ronald J. Riley
1323 West Cook Road
Grand Blanc, MI  48439
(810) 655-8830, Fax (810) 655-8832
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President, Professional Inventors Alliance
Advisory Board President,
Alliance for American Innovation, Inc., Wash, DC
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Founder of InventorEd, Inc.
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