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Ebay has a problem, in that 5-10% of it's sellers are in my view incompetent or outright crooks.

First Amendment Issues

The Unsavory Story:
      About Skippy Peanut Butter

The Taubman Story:
    Millionaire & Convicted Felon Taubman Bullies Web Site Owner - I derive great pleasure from kicking the living crap out of well healed bullies.  Taubman was quite the man when he was beating up on Hank Mishkoff.  But all that changed when I referred Mishkoff to Paul Levy at the Public Citizen Litigation Group.  Now the fight is a bit more balanced, and Taubman is getting yet another attitude adjustment.


Their own page dud page coming soon.

Awkward system - Poor Service 

Stole about $100, 
Refusing to refund unused services.

American Express

DO Leave Home Without It !!

Augustus Technology, Inc.
Ships Defective Product, And Expects the Customer To Pay !!

Rebate Fraud - Terrible Service

Genesee County Humane Society
Has This Org. Gone Too Far?

MCS Business Telephones And Data Systems
The Fight To Re-Regulate Airlines

Parker Propane Disreputable conduct

Public Schools, Especially Lake Fenton
To be honest it is not the schools, but rather the people running them.  Way too many

ProAir-SUCKS (Note that this site is offline, the link goes to the archived site)

A religion which fleeces members for hundreds of thousands of dollars and abused the legal system to silence critics.

Senator Abraham & Michigan Inventors (Note that this site is offline, the link goes to the archived site)

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