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They advertised a wireless network (SMC 802.11a) with really big rebates which made for a great price, and with an advertised range of 1600 ft. I ordered while traveling and when I got back searched for reviews on the product. I found that the reviews were poor, saying the range maxed out at 94 ft (with just one wall!) and had very poor throughput at that range.

So I emailed asking to return unopened product in second week. No response.

I follow up later, and they say no returns, even though product unopened, after 14 days. In spite of repeated requests they never sent rebate information either.

So that great price turned out to be a very high price (higher then competitors) for a product which was useless to me because of poor range and throughput. Total loss about $550.

By the way, in the end I purchased a NetGear system, which does work well.  I run the SMC product on one computer.  Range and throughput stinks, over $500 and it is not even good for an anchor.  What a waste.  SMC and CompUSA are a good match.

I will never do business with either CompUSA or SMC again! ! !

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Rebate troubles

In some serious new posts in an old hardware thread about rebate fraud, frustrated gamers got down into the nitty gritty over whether or not CompUSA, an American Hardware/Software retailer, was actively or intentionally holding back on offered rebates. In several concerned posts, gamers complained that they had purchased simms with coupons clearly stating the terms but they either had not received anything in over 6 months after mailing in the rebate or, worse yet, received a rebate that was less than the advertised rebate amount at purchase. Usenett summarizes, "Waiting for $40 myself, I did some research on the net and was amazed about the numerous complaints about CompUSA rebates, especially in connection with MGV."

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Posted: Sun Nov 24, 2002 4:14 pm    Post subject: CompUSA and Beepforfree selling fraudulent service, Pls Help 

CompUSA and Beepforfree selling fraudulent service, Pls Help. A month ago I purchased a "Beepforfree" beeper from CompUSA. It is advertised as free beeping for life. I called to get it activated and they gave me a stall, wait just one week because the phone company is slow and it will be activated. I waited. The next week, the excuse was they were building a new data center, please wait another week. The next week, the same and continued to 3 1/2 weeks. Last week, Albert (at Beepforfree) said by next Wednesday. "But, since we gave you so much trouble, we'll send you a extra beeper free." No, that has not arrived either.
I called CompUSA and they say, "Too Bad," we have a 14 day return policy. "But I never got the service." Now, when I call Beepforfree, they (recoginse my caller ID) just hang up on me and when I call CompUSA, it is the same story, they can't help me. I'm out $90 and never got the service I paid for.
At the very least, CompUSA has no business ethics. They are still selling this pager in their stores and online, even thought they have known since at least May, that the service does not get activated. I went to and found another person who went through the same hassle in May and never got it activated.
If any of you have similar stories, please contact me. Any ideas on getting back at CompUSA and Beepforfree?

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CompUSA never bothered to return my contacts and never bothered to help me. Please remember that they have a strict 14 day return policy and will take 25% off the value if an item is opened. It's not my favorite store.

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I got taken as well. I probably was the one you saw elsewhere complaining about this rip-off. I called my local CompUSA as got the same 14 day response, wrote to corporate and receive no reply. As far as I am concerned they are committing fraud as they know that this service doesn't exist.

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If any of your are lawyers, consider legal action against B4F, CompUSA, Heartland, and others to make us whole, and to show you care about others. With several years of complaints, "THEY KNEW AND STILL SOLD (or are selling) THE PRODUCT" CompUSA is no longer a public corporation and they could care less. I don't know about you, but what I purchased was a promise of beeper service, plus other services. I had no access to the legal escape clauses about the product prior to the purchase and I had no ability to return the product for a refund, because CompUSA denied me. Like most of you, when B4F found out that it was purchased from CompUSA, they stalled for over 14 days, so you had no ability to go back for your refund. CompUSA knew about this and did nothing for you.

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"Thanks for the info. We'll remove them from our site. As I understand, the company was near bankruptcy and sold to a new owner who obviously hasn't been able to help it out of its troubles. Evidently CompUSA owes them hundreds of thousands of dollars but hasn't paid for several months and that ruined Beepforfree."

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In the last few months, I purchased 2 laptops, 1 desktop, 1 digital camera, and 1 digital camcorder, plus another few thousand dollars of tech stuff. I also purchase for several corporations and those sales are in the $100k range per month. None of that business went to CompUSA. I didn't buy any at CompUSA. I also went to business meetings and told everyone I knew about this and directed them away from CompUSA. I have not even set foot in my local CompUSA in 2 months. And, I let their corporate offices (Texas) know in letters.

CompUSA could not care less about you suckers!

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