Riley Consulting, Inc.

Engineering Services

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Ronald J. Riley has over twenty-five years of experience as a engineer.   Major areas of expertise are medical instrumentation, plant engineering, and fifteen years in industrial controls and product design.  I have strong a background in theoretical physics (although it is getting dated), mechanical, architectural, and electrical.  With extensive hardware (analog & digital) and software design.   Software background includes numerous languages and hundreds of dialects in traditional programming languages dating from the mid nineteen sixties, Computer Numerical Control, and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC & CNC experience dates from late seventies) used for industrial machine and process control. 

My specialty is making products that will live in adverse environments, especially electrical noise.

I have been published extensively.  I hold numerous patents.  A multi-disciplinary background, coupled with decades of practical experience, and an inherently inventive nature allows me to find solutions to existing problems and to engineer products with far fewer problems.

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