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Ronald J. Riley, Inventor & Entrepreneur

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All letters submitted to Ronald J. Riley become the property of Ronald J. Riley and are subject to publication with attribution to the author unless the letter specifically states it is confidential.

Even then, we do not guarantee that it will be treated as confidential.  This is especially the case if the communication is a threat of litigation against Ronald J. Riley or any of the organizations he is associated with.  Generally all such communications will be published and/or distributed to a variety of other organizations, including many governmental agencies and electronic and print media.  If you do not want them published, then it is best not to send them.  

This is not an idle threat!  It is suggested that you carefully review how these situations have been addressed in the past.

Ronald J. Riley receives from 100 to 300 emails each weekday, and often in excess of a hundred per day on weekends. If you wish a letter to be treated as confidential then please clearly state so at the beginning and end of the letter.  Also state "CONFIDENTIAL" in the subject line.

Please make the confidential statement on each communication, do not assume that Ronald J. Riley or his staff will remember the request from a previous communication.


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