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Monorail Control Products



The controller board utilizes a 120 VAC signal from electrified buss bars. By using diodes, a half-wave positive signal selects one output and a half-wave negative signal selects the other output.


TB-1 & 2

These inputs receive a 120 VAC digital signal. This signal can be generated in one of two ways. The first is with the use of a programmable controller and 120VAC output cards combined with diodes. The second method of generating the half-wave signal is through the existing 230VAC/3 phase power supplied from the power rails. This may be done by either our ZONE BOX or by connecting diodes ( 1N4006 ) from one of the phases to the command rail. The inputs are designed to tolerate 6 ma of leakage and still be off allowing them to be driven from a PLC output card.



The outputs are Triac driven and are rated at 110-220 VAC at 500ma. OUT1 is energized when a positive half-wave signal is applied to the input and OUT2 is energized when a negative half-wave signal is applied to the input. Both outputs should be fused with a 1 amp AGC fuse. Do not draw more then 1/2 amp continuously. Each output has a R/C snubber to protect it from inductive loads. There is some leakage caused by the snubber circuit and if the leakage is a problem and the load is not inductive you may disable the snubber by cutting the leads of R6 and R7.  Alternately, you may add load to the output by installing a resistor across the load.  Some experimentation will be necessary to determine how much load is necessary to bleed the leakage off which is caused by the snubber.

Start with a 10K 5 watt resistor (dissipates 1.6 watts), then try a 5K 10 watt (dissipates 3.2 watts), 2.5K 20 watt (dissipates 6.4 watts).  Remember that the heat from a bank of these will build up in an enclosure!  After adding each resistor measure the voltage across the load.  It should be less than 55 volts with the Triac off.


Power dissipation in the half wave input under worse case conditions is 4.6 watts. Input current draw is 32.4 ma at 132 volts. The power dissipated in the outputs is proportional to the load current and is .8 watts for each output at 1/2 amp load. Total power for the whole assembly would be 6.2 watts worst case.  Beware of excessive heat build up in NEMA enclosures.


This board is designed to fit in a 4 inch Augat/RDI snap track, or in Phoenix (107.5 mm) or Entrelec (100 mm special order) DIN rail mounted board housings. It is 63.5 mm (2.5 inches) wide and rated for 50 degrees C.

REV 4-12-91, 11-3-93, 12-1-93, 5-28-94, 8-18-94, 7-24-01

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