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Monorail Control Products

JNF-080 Opto Isolator Board,

Open Collector Output


This board is an optical isolater with an open collector output rated at 50 ma. The stock version may be driven from 5 to 24 volts A.C. or D.C. Specials may be ordered with the input rated for up 220 volts A.C. or D.C. The 5-24 volt version is ordered as a JNF-080 and specials are ordered with the required input voltage as a suffix. EXAMPLE 120 volt input would be JNF-080-120. The 120 volt version may be used as a single channel half-wave decoder.


TB1-1 ( + ), TB1-2 ( - )

Observe the marked polarity for D.C. inputs, polarity is not critical when a sine wave A.C. source is the input. Make sure you have the proper input voltage since installing the wrong version can result in destruction of the board.


TB2-1 ( collector ), TB2-2 ( emitter )

These terminals are connected in series with the load. The output is rated at 24 V.D.C. at 50 ma.


Power dissipation varies in the input circuit. It may be calculated by multiplying the input voltage by .03 amps. The standard JNF-079 will dissipate .75 watts with a 24 volt input. The power dissipated by the output is proportional to the load current and is .07 watts at a 50 ma. load. Total power dissipation for the standard JNF-080 would be .82 watts worst case.


This board is designed to fit a 4 inch snap track. It is 1.0 inche wide and designed for up to 50 degrees C.

REV 1-26-91, 12-2-93

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