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Monorail Control Products



This board was designed to allow the production of custom circuits that match the rest of the TRAK-DRIVE boards. It is manufactured as four boards in a strip with a score line between each board, allowing the use of more then one board if your circuit requires that much space.


Each of the four modules has 19 rows of holes with a trace tieing the 26 holes in each row together. The holes are all spaced .1 inch apart in a grid of 19 columns X 26 rows. Rows are labeled A thru Z and columns are numbered 1 thru 19. Odd numbered columns are hooked to a deplugable 10 position terminal strip. Column 1 is tied to TB1-1, 3 to TB1-2, 5 to TB1-3, and so on.


Layout your circuit on the layout sheet before doing any assembly work. Horizontal connections are made with jumper wires on the top ( component side ) of the board, while vertical connections are made using the traces on the bottom. Cut the traces on the bottom as required for your circuit. Cuts may be made with a 1/8 inch drill bit. Put the drill bit in a pin vise or a moto tool and gently cut the trace, do not drill all the way through the board.


This board is intended for simple interface circuits and quantities under 100 pieces. If the circuit is complex or you expect to build 100 or more units you should seriously consider having a special board made to order.

REV 1-26-91, 12-2-93

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