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After several years of designing and building, from scratch, my own solid propellant rockets and telemetry, I graduated from high school in 1968.  I was determined to get my electrical engineering degree and join NASA.  But the rug was pulled out from under NASA shortly thereafter by Congress, leaving many PHD's pumping gas. 

Discouraged, I started my own business, which failed in a recession during the early 1970's. I then worked in medical electronics and eventually went to work in the industrial automation field.  I worked my way into upper management and in 1990 I left to become an independent inventor.

There is little doubt in my mind that commercial space ventures will establish a foothold in the next century.  I am confident that my children's and grand children's generations will have opportunities which I would have killed for. 

Invention and the process of bringing those inventions to market will be a very important aspect of commercial space ventures, and will truly be a new and fertile area where inventors will prosper.

Ronald J. Riley

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